Replication: Configuring Remote Distributor Generates the following error: “"Could not find stored procedure 'sp_replcheck_qv'”


When I try to configure a SQL Server 2008 to be a remote distributor of my SQL Server 2005 / 2000 instance, I get the following error generated when using the GUI wizard:

Could not find stored procedure 'sp_replcheck_qv'

This prevents me from adding a SQL Server 2008 instance to the remote distributor configuration box.


Due to code differences we should not use a lower GUI to configure a higher version of SQL Server.


In order to configure SQL Server 2008 as a distributor, a SQL 2008 GUI should be use. Simply register the SQL 2005 server onto the SQL 2008 GUI and configure the remote distributor as described in BOL.

This rule applies to any lower version trying to register a later version of SQL.


1. Use TSQL in order to configure your remote distributor (executed from your SQL 2005/2000 instance)

2. Register your SQL 2005 / 2000 onto a SQL 2008 GUI and run the wizard from there.