Miguel de Icaza revient sur la PDC et la rencontre Mono User's Meeting

Miguel publie sur son blog un billet où il retrace les différents épisodes avant, pendant et après la PDC, ainsi que la soirée Mono User's Meeting qui nous a laissé un souvenir disons... assez mitigé.

Il y a un passage qui a particulièrement attiré mon attention :

"The attendees to this meeting knew .NET very well, so the questions were much more specific than the questions that we typically receive at open source events.

The event was energizing as the attendees love Mono. A bunch of them were using Mono or are planning to have their software certified to run with Mono on Linux. It was a fantastic evening and it was great to meet the Imeem and Medsphere crowds as well as Joseph and Zac which flew all the way from Texas just for the event.

It was very encouraging to meet the crowds of commercial and professional developers that are using Mono. I had no idea that so many people were using it. It would be ideal if we could get the companies using it to work with us in making some case studies on their migration experience and to learn more about what we can do for them.

Usually in open source conferences there is a small percentage of people who know about C# or Mono in depth. At these conferences people have heard about .NET only superficially and do not quite grasp why someone might want to write code in anything but Perl or Java.

The PDC was completely different: we all spoke the same language, but most importantly the folks that came to the meeting and the folks that I met in the next few days on the hallway are interested in bringing their applications to Linux and the Mac."

Initialement posté le 01/10/2005 à 08:40