Want to Learn WCF? Training Courses for Early Adopters.

You are looking for in-depth Windows Communication Foundation training? Below is a list of training offerings (in no particular order), which are available either on-site or at central locations. Instructors and consultants from many specialized training and consulting companies such as IDesign, DevelopMentor, Wintellect, newtelligence, thinktecture and Pluralsight have been involved with the Indigo/WCF team for the last several years as we have built out the platform and they all know their stuff.

IDesign (US)

Pluralsight (US)

Wintellect (US)

DevelopMentor (US)

newtelligence (DE) in cooperation with IDesign

DevLeap (IT)

Managed Designs (IT)

Do you offer a Windows Communication Foundation focused training course anywhere in the world and yours is not on this list? Email clemensv@microsoft.com  with a link to a web page detailing the course and your schedule for the upcoming events.