Subject: Using Forefront Client Security and System Center Configuration Manager while Leveraging the Same WSUS Server Role


The Forefront and System Center teams recognize the importance of enabling customers to take advantage of both Forefront Client Security (FCS) and System Center Configuration Manager in their environments today. This is a request that we have received from the Microsoft field and customers around the world.


FCS and Configuration Manager both rely on Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) as a key part of the overall Microsoft architecture. FCS is optimized for automatic signature distribution via WSUS. Configuration Manager also uses the WSUS server role for key software distribution scenarios. This allows each product to do their own jobs effectively, and helps customers limit the infrastructure it may require for both solutions. Questions have arisen around support for the coexistence of FCS and Configuration Manager in an enterprise, while still leveraging the same WSUS server role. There have been additional questions and feature requests regarding the automated deployment of FCS signature files through the Configuration Manager console, using the Configuration Manager client relationship. 

We are in the process of writing a Knowledge Base article which will clarify the scenarios that are supported when using Forefront Client Security and System Center Configuration Manager. At the same time, we are updating the documents which were posted on Codeplex to provide guidance on what customers should do when configuring their environments under the supported scenarios included in the KB article. We are targeting the release of the KB article and prescriptive guidance by the end of August. 

We really appreciate your patience while we put together the necessary documentation.

Best regards,

Forefront and System Center Teams