Change in Enabling the SharePoint Developer Dashboard

For those of you exploring the beta of SharePoint 2010 you may be aware of a new feature called the developer dashboard.  The developer dashboard is similar to the trace capabilities you have in ASP.NET where you can display execution variables and other information related to the request within the page.  This is important for things like troubleshooting and general performance metrics you may need.  Well now that type of information is available in SharePoint 2010 for developers to take advantage of.  One thing of note is we have changed how it is turned on in the public beta.  There are posts out there documenting the way it was done in the internal beta, but that really doesn’t help you does it.  In order to leverage it use the following code sample.

 SPWebService.ContentService.DeveloperDashboardSettings.DisplayLevel = SPDeveloperDashboardLevel.On;

There are also some references to doing this with powershell here and here as well as stsadm.  Hope this helps clarify why the misinformation is out there and how to enable the dashboard, until it changes again. :-)