Access 2007 conference and Disneyland - what a combination!

The Advisor team is putting on a Access 2007 content packed conference in Anaheim, California on May 6th - 10th. Erik, Tim, and Mor from the team will be present the latest about development and seek your feedback. This is a great opportunity to tell them what you love and hate about the new version and make suggestions for future improvements.
May 6-10, Anaheim, California

Tim Getsch wants to invite everyone join him for lunch and bring your toughest Access question. (You should know, Tim is a legend on the team for his deep Access knowledge. He is the person who answers the teams toughest questions.) The best question that stumps Tim will get featured on this famous blog. :-) Just for fun--ask him about the runtime availability--we both get asked about this every day. My answer is still June (maybe earlier)... 

Here are a few of the sessions that I thought were interesting from an Access 2007 perspective.

Overview of the 2007 Microsoft Office System
Erik Rucker
Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services version 3 together provide a rich set of productivity tools and a powerful solutions platform. This session gives an overview of the components of Office and shows how they can be used together to solve today’s business problems. The session will cover solutions that work straight from the box, enabling knowledge workers to build manageable solutions on their own, and the range of flexibility offered to developers.

What's New in Microsoft Office Access 2007
Mor Hezi
Microsoft Office Access 2007 has been designed to be easier to use by information workers, more powerful for developers, and more manageable for IT. This overview session is a tour of what's new in Access 2007. You'll learn how Access 2007 is more accessible to business users with little to no database experience, dive into the new designers for reports and forms, and explore the new collaboration capabilities and new manageability options when leveraging Windows SharePoint Services.

Advanced Development Tools and Techniques for Access 2007
Tim Getsch
Access 2007 offers a host of new features for developers. In this session, you'll dive into the latest set of development tools from the Access team. You'll learn how get started using source code control for your Access 2007 projects. Then you'll dive into building custom installation packages for free, as well as learning about the changes to and the advantages of the Access 2007 runtime. Have you wondered about integrating managed code into your Access 2007 projects? This session will give you insight on how to do it. You'll also see what it takes to build Access 2007 database templates.

Integrate Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Microsoft Office 2007
Dustin Miller
In this session, you'll get a tour of the best new SharePoint-related features in the most popular Office 2007 applications, specifically Access, Excel, Word, and Outlook. See how these new applications and their connection to SharePoint can increase productivity, and make it easier to collaborate with co-workers. Learn how Outlook 2007 alone will save users HOURS of time every week and help them take control of their inboxes. Finally, this session will put your fears about the new user interface to rest, and help you and your users be productive with the new Office applications, fast.

Explore the Access 2007 User Interface
Mike Groh
Access 2007 sports an entirely new user interface with more new features and paradigms than any previous version. Toolbars and menus are gone, and are replaced by the "ribbon". The venerable Database Window is gone and replaced by a powerful object list that gives you an easy, efficient, and effective way to manage database objects. Even reports, which haven't changed much since Access 2.0, feature exciting new capabilities. This session explores the Access 2007 user interface from the developer's perspective. You'll see what an Access "insider" considers the most significant and important changes to the user interface, and learn how to master the most valuable developer-oriented features in Access 2007. You'll also explore the limitations and compromises made in Access 2007, including the issues surrounding ribbons, changes to keyboard shortcuts, and many other considerations. This session is a must-see for any developer planning to move to Access 2007 in the near future. You'll save hours of digging around Access 2007 from this concentrated, focused tour of the new user interface.

Combine Access and SharePoint in Office 2007
Andy Baron
For Access developers, SharePoint provides an easy way to Web-enable applications; for SharePoint developers, Access provides an easy way to query data stored in lists. This session shows you how to link Access 2007 applications to SharePoint data and the new support that Access provides for useful SharePoint features. You'll also see how you can use Access to take SharePoint data offline and then synchronize changes with the server.

Collecting Data with Access 2007 and Outlook 2007 without Using VBA
Joe Stockman
If you're tired of doing data entry and maintenance yourself, you need to attend this session. You'll learn how to use Access 2007 to create a data collection form which you can send to a list of recipients via Outlook 2007. Then, you'll see that when they return the filled out form, the data in Access is updated automatically. And the best part, you don't have to write any code!

Access 2007 Macros: Why You Should Use Them
Andy Baron
For years, serious Access developers have avoided using macros in favor of VBA code, and for good reasons. But in Microsoft Office Access 2007, macros are much more robust and useful, and even experienced developers should now consider using them. In this session, you'll learn about the new macro capabilities in Access, including how to use variables in macros and how to embed entire macros in object properties. You'll also see how to use macros to make deployment easier.

Best Practices for Creating Great Access Applications
Luke Chung
The Access platform is a unique combination of data objects, design objects, and code. Novices want to avoid code and developers often want to jump right into code. This session is based on the lessons learned by Access experts for delivering great Access applications. It covers some of our processes and techniques for designing, developing, testing, and deploying Access applications. You'll walk away with specific checklists for improving Access tables, queries, forms, reports, and code.

What's New in Access 2007 Security
Alison Balter
Access 2007 brings some major changes when it comes to security. For example, Access 2007 eliminates user-level security. These changes to security have major implications on the applications that employees in the organization build. This session covers new topics such as using an Access 2007 database in a trusted location, packaging, signing, and distributing an Access 2007 database, and encrypting an Access 2007 database. It also covers how security works with databases created in other versions of Access. Finally, it covers the process of running unsafe expressions. All of these topics are vital for securing and successfully working with an Access 2007 database.

Access Form Tips and Tricks
Joe Stockman
You've been building forms in Access for 10 years and are pretty darn good at it. But in this session, you'll see some tips and tricks when creating Access forms -- some them might even be new to you! You'll see get acquainted with some internal features of Access as well as some solutions to common business problems. You'll also see some new features of Access 2007 that can make your forms even more fantastic, like resizing controls when users resize a form.