How do you use Access?

I was browsing Business Week last week and noticed a BlackBerry ad asking people to tell them what they do with their BlackBerry. I like effort to get to know their customers--something you can never understand with enough clarity. In the Access world it is tough because we have so many different customers doing a variety of different things. Right now I'm working on planning stuff where customer research is vital to creating a vision that maps to customer requirements and scenarios.

I'm assuming most of you that read this blog are heavy Access users. Please take a few minutes and tell me a little about your scenarios. Here are some questions to prime the pump but don't feel like you need to follow this outline:

  • What is your industry?
  • Are you an end user, power user, or developer?
  • Do you work for a small business or enterprise?
  • How many apps do you build in a year?
  • How many users use your application?
  • Do you have requirements to expose your application on the Internet?
  • Are you using Access 2007, SharePoint, or Office Live?

Please tell me more!