New Access 2007 books

Zac Woodall from the Access PM team pulled together a great list of books coming out on Access 2007. The last book he mentions is his own on templates. It is fun to see the authoring community really get behind this release. I'm sure we will see quite a few added on to this list. Congrats to the authors--I know many of them have worked super hard adjusting to all the change in this release!

Here is Zac's list:

I did a quick search out on Amazon to get the list of current and upcoming titles for Access 2007. There are really a ton of great titles out there from lots of different publishers. Content ranges from a complete Access reference like Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Inside Out to more targeted scenarios such as The Rational Guide to Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Templates. There is content for all levels, from beginner titles such as Access 2007 for Starters : The Missing Manual, to the seasoned Pro with Access 2007 VBA Programmer 's Reference. There is a wide variety of great material now available and soon to be released. 

So what are you waiting for? Head out to your favorite retailer and grab one so you can get started learning about Access 2007’s new features right now!! J/k, I hope this list is helpful.

Access 2007 Bible By Michael R. Groh, Joseph C. Stockman, Gavin Powell, and Cary N. Prague Publisher Wiley Available Now

Build Access tables using good relational database techniquesConstruct efficient databases using a five-step design methodDesign efficient data-entry and data display formsUtilize the improved Access report designerUse Visual Basic(r) for Applications and the VBA Editor to automate applicationsBuild and customize Access 2007 ribbonsSeamlessly exchange Access data with SharePoint(r)Employ advanced techniques such as the Windows(r) API and object-oriented programmingAdd security and use data replication in your Access applications


Access 2007 For DummiesBy Laurie Ulrich Fuller, Ken Cook, John KaufeldPublisher WileyAvailable Now

Reduce stress with timesaving database shortcutsExplore database basics and build tables and reports that corral your dataAccess has undergone an extreme makeover! Whether you've used one of the older versions or this is your first exposure to Access, here's where you'll find the essentials you need to make this database system work for you. Cruise around the new interface, team up Access with other Office applications, use wizards to automate your work, and much more.Discover how to* Create a new Access database* Import and export data* Build forms for efficient data entry* Search tables for specific data* Construct custom reports* Customize your database navigation


Access 2007 For Starters: The Missing Manual

By Matthew MacDonaldPublisher O’ReillyAvailable Now

This fast-paced book teaches you the basics of Access 2007 so you can start using the program right away. You'll learn how to design databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry. The new Access is radically different from previous versions, but with this book, you'll breeze through the new interface and its timesaving features in no time.


Access 2007: The Missing ManualBy Matthew MacDonaldPublisher O’ReillyAvailable Now

Access 2007: The Missing Manual was written from the ground up for this redesigned application. You will learn how to design complete databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry. You'll even delve into the black art of Access programming (including macros and Visual Basic), and pick up valuable tricks and techniques to automate common tasks -- even if you've never touched a line of code before. You will also learn all about the new prebuilt databases you can customize to fit your needs, and how the new complex data feature will simplify your life. With plenty of downloadable examples, this objective and witty book will turn an Access neophyte into a true master.


Access 2007 VBA Programmer 's ReferenceBy Teresa Hennig, Robert G. Cooper, Geoffrey L. Griffith, Armen Stein Publisher WroxPub Date 4/30/07

Providing complete and authoritative coverage of all aspects of VBA programming for Access applications, this book uses real-world code examples to demonstrate each programming topic Introductory chapters provide a brief overview of VBA and highlight what’s new in Access 2007, the most popular database system in the world Shows experienced VBA developers and programmers how to create secure VBA code and examines how to use VBA with ADO, SQL, APIs, or other Office applications Demonstrates how to use the Access object model, the Windows registry, and ADE tools, and explains how to use VBA to create and enhance forms and reports The companion Web site includes updates to the book and links to useful resources


How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Access 2007By Virginia AndersenPublisher McGraw-Hill/OsborneAvailable Now

Maximize the powerful features of the latest release of today's most popular desktop database program. How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Access 2007 shows you how to create and customize an efficient, multi-user database, retrieve, interpret, and share your data, secure your information, and much more. Designed to help you get things done quickly and easily, this user-friendly guide is your all-access pass to Access 2007.

Navigate the new user interface with easeDesign a well-organized database using pre-designed templatesEnter and edit data and ensure data validitySort, filter, and print recordsExtract specific information using queriesMaster form and report design basicsAdd charts and graphs to forms and reports easilyOptimize database performance and speedExchange database objects and text files between Access databases


Microsoft Office Access 2007 Data AnalysisBy Michael AlexanderPublisher WileyAvailable Now

Go beyond Excel(r) with Access's more powerful analysis capabilitiesGet better visibility into your data with custom viewsScale up your data pool without limitationMaster the four fundamentals of data analysisDiscover shortcuts with the helpful Input Mask WizardIntegrate your data with the web and enterprise data sourcesAvoid the common pitfalls of data crunchingHarness VBA to improve data analysisLeverage information from the field with real-world scenarios


Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Inside OutBy John Viescas and Jeff ConradPublisher Microsoft PressPub Date 5/09/07

Learn everything you need to know for working with Microsoft® Office Access 2007—from the inside out! This book packs hundreds of time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for using Office Access 2007—all in concise, fast-answer format. Whether you are upgrading from Office 97 or Office 2003, you’ll be able to dig in to the work-ready resources that help you take your Access 2007 experience to the next level. This information-packed complete reference shows you how to get the most out of Access 2007 and find out what’s new. You will learn how to design more-efficient databases, streamline data entry, find the information you need, and work with tools to produce effective forms, reports, and queries. In addition, you’ll begin to explore strategies for database design and advanced table design. Plus, you’ll get an easy-to-use companion CD packed with custom resources and a fully searchable eBook. With INSIDE OUT, you get all muscle and no fluff!


Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Plain & SimpleBy Curtis D. FryePublisher Microsoft PressAvailable Now

Get the fast answers—in full color—that make learning the new version of Microsoft Office Access plain and simple! This no-nonsense guide helps you learn the easy way to navigate Office Access 2007 with numbered steps and concise, straightforward language that show the most expedient ways to learn a new skill or solve a problem. You’ll learn the essentials for working with Office Access 2007—discovering how to perform everyday tasks and answer your own questions quickly. You’ll learn how to create databases and forms, filter data, run queries, and generate reports. You’ll also discover how to make data entry faster, sort and filter data, work with PivotTable® reports, and even publish your documents to the Web—plus more! With PLAIN & SIMPLE, you don’t have to wade through superfluous details. This easy-to-use book delivers fast, precise information—exactly how and when you need it!


Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Step by StepBy Steve Lambert, M. Dow Lambert III, and Joan PreppernauPublisher Microsoft PressAvailable Now

The smart way to learn Office Access 2007—one step at a time! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files on CD, helpful hints, and troubleshooting help to master the fundamentals of working with the latest version of Access, including how to navigate the new user interface. You will discover how to create a database, produce forms, reports, and queries, and how to filter data. You’ll also learn how to restrict data access, how to customize your database and how to use VBA to create Web pages based on your data—plus more. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Includes a companion CD with hands-on practice files.


Pro Access 2007By Martin WP ReidPublisher ApressPub Date 4/09/07

Pro Access 2007 covers the new features of Microsoft Access 2007, including working with SharePoint Office Server and customizing Ribbons. The book is aimed at professional developers and power users who are new to Access 2007. Among other topics, you’ll learn about the new Access menu structure, including customization, as well as new SharePoint features. This book provides good, short, solid information with as little waffle as possible. And the book includes solid examples that thoroughly explain new features. Author Martin Reid is also a working Access developer who is respected by his peers and knows what working developers face, especially at the time of a new release.


Special Edition Using Microsoft® Office Access 2007By Roger JenningsPublisher Que4/25/07

This book offers you comprehensive, information on using the new version of Access. Not only updated for the latest version, new chapters have been added on application automation with Access macros and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint Team Server, both of which are hot topics.  All chapters are updated for the transition from Jet to the new Access database engine. Detailed, step-by-step instructions with icons guide you through Access through table design, data addition, importing data from external sources, query design and execution, and designing data entry forms and printed reports.


The Rational Guide to Microsoft® Office Access 2007 TemplatesBy Zac WoodallPublisher Mann Publishing GroupPub Date 4/15/200

Learn to build template files in Office Access 2007's new .accdt file format. This targeted guide provides the specific information you need to know to build Access templates without the chaff.  From the novice to the expert, marketing group to developers, whether you're new to Access or a long time Access dev, the three stage sequential learning model of this book includes topics for everyone.  Learn: Getting Started, sharing templates, Access templates for SharePoint, template design, enterprise template deployment, template security, and advanced template development techniques.  Each section includes examples and code samples which you are free to reuse in your own projects.