Show your best work as a best practice in a Microsoft Case study

The marketing team is always looking for examples of people realizing their potential through best practices with Office System software. When we find people with best practices we write about it at For you as a developer, it gets high visibility with the potential of getting more business thanks to this free advertisement. Your customers like to be showcased as drivers of best practices and leaders in innovation, thus taking advantage of our marketing efforts. From a personal perspective—I would love to see Access scenarios highlighted more often.

This is how the process goes:

  • You send me an brief overview  of what you are doing that is cool with Access 2007. If your scenario is approved our marketing team will connect with you and hire a writer to tell your story.
  • We will have you sign a case study agreement form (basically giving us the rights to publish the case study and to you and the customer to review and approve the case study before it gets published).
  • The writer will schedule probably an hour or two with you (and your customer if you are a independent developer) to go through an interview.
  • The writer will send you a draft for review and after incorporating your comments (and if you wish, any supporting screenshot) will send you a final draft for approval.

For a successful case study, we like to have a mix of business and technical points of view (capturing a quote of an excited user enhances it even further). If you are interested, send me (click email in top left corner) an overview of what you are doing and the business value you are seeing. I will forward your reply to our marketing folks.