Softer datasheet visuals in 3 simple steps

Yesterday I was looking at one of our templates and noticed the grid felt pretty busy. I wanted to come up with a design that softens the harshness of the gridlines yet was very readable. Here is what I ended up with...

There are three easy steps to create this view (you can't do this in Access 2003 because of limited datasheet formatting and the lack of alternate row color).

Step 1 - change the alternate row color to the second color in the Access theme colors (I wish there was a color in between the lightest and the second).

Step 2 - Change the gridlines to Vertical.

Step 3 - Use the dialog launcher to change the gridline color to a more silver color. I used the background color in the color picker.

If you use the Access Theme colors it is possible to create a visual disign that adapts to the shell theme colors. Here is the same app in the silver theme.


In a few simple steps it is possible to change things up a bit and create a different visual effect.