Submit your own community template!

I recently stumbled across some interesting work done by our Office Online team. They allow YOU to submit non-code Word, Excel, and PowerPoint templates to Office Online.

Here are some samples of templates submitted by the community:

The process is relatively simple and straight-forward. You just need the courage to share your work, a dash of creativity, the new Office, Live ID, and the smarts to follow four steps.

IMO - these type of community features are great for everyone involved. You get to track your templates and watch the number of downloads and content ratings rocket up. Office Online is one of the most popular sites on the web and opening it up for the community to exchange Office content is a great idea. Over time, it will be easier and easier to use Office Online to start new projects with content provided by experts in other fields.

I'm interested if people think it would be useful if we allowed Access templates to be submitted (assuming we ship the developer extensions with the ability to create templates--and no, I don't have an update on availability :-( ). Would you look for community databases or take the time to submit interesting schemas, forms, reports, and applications?

Talk back to me.