My personal reminder of common debugging commands

I don’t get as many opportunities to debug as I would like, but when I do, I always forget the command that I like to use, so this is my personal document to remind me of those commands.

!sym noisy

This gives me details of symbol resolution.

.reload /f

This forces all of the symbols to be downloaded. Great for packaging the symbols to take to a location that doesn’t have internet access.


This enumerates all of the native thread stacks.


A summary of all of the threads.

.load C:\Users\clinth\Desktop\psscor2\psscor2\amd64\psscor2.dll

This loads the PSSCOR2 debugger extension for debugging .NET applications.


Once the PSSCOR2 extension is loaded, this command enumerates the managed .NET call stack of all of the threads.

!process 0 0

Lists all processes in a kernel dump.