Find higher resolution images and more variety on our partner sites

Higher Resolution and More Variety of Clip Art 

A new icon Icon for Higher Resolution and More Variety has appeared on some of the Clip Art and Media site images representing higher resolution and more variety of available images.

Images displaying this icon are available for purchase at a higher resolution from a partner site. Clicking the icon takes you to the partner site, where you can choose a higher resolution suiting your project's needs, and browse for other images if you feel like it.

Partner Site: iStockPhoto for Higher Resolution and More Variety

If you don't need a high resolution image for your project, you can still download the basic resolution version for free from the Clip Art and Media site; all you have to do is click the selection basket checkbox:

Clicking the checkbox places in Office Online Clip Art & Media free art basket

Why would I want to buy a high resolution image?

Look at the dimensions on the image you selected; will it fit in your project? Will you need to make the image bigger? 

If the answer is yes, you might want to consider a higher resolution: the more you stretch a raster file (i.e. a jpg or png), the more image quality will be degraded; the image will become blurry, pixilated, and will not print out nicely: 

How to find Dimension and ResolutionImage pixilating due to enlargement