Maldives and Madrid

Maldives and Madrid

Two very different holiday trips so far this year, one very relaxing week in the Maldives (2nd visit but to a new island - and we plan to go back!) and a short break to Madrid, where we got rained on every time we stepped outside. 


SPA (Belgium) - Sept - yet another Grand Prix (our last this year), this time at the famous SPA circuit and as usual it was wet, the sun did shine on the practise day morning so there are a few rare shots of that event!  This shot was taken from the top of the famous Eau Rouge corner.

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Istanbul August - For those who noticed my blog was quiet this past week, I was in Istanbul (Turkey) watching the first ever Formula 1 race and taking a few days holiday

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Well I’m back from my first Microsoft Global Business Conference (MGB) which was held in Atlanta GA.  Yet again I managed not to take my digital camera – I have been promised a few shots from others to post here…so let’s wait and see.  Note to self – the Sony T7 camera looks like a good buy…and its form factor is ideal to keep in my laptop bag, all that remains is to get the finance in place [:)]

The conference was over three days, the first being a general session held in the Georgia Dome – 10,000 MS employees got to hear Bill G, Steve B and many others speak about what we did last year and where we are going in FY06.  Obviously there were announcements (and those that read my MGB post or follow the news couldn’t help but notice the new name for ‘Longhorn’ which is Windows Vista.  The 2nd and 3rd day are for break out sessions for the individual countries, groups and verticals within the organisation.  Most of the content needs to remain confidential at present but there was some good R2 (Windows 2003 Server release 2) beta customer case study information which I enjoyed – watch out for this around R2 launch, especially for DFS-Replication and ADFS content.  

10th July

This weekend I was at the British Grand Prix, not the most exciting ever but there was a great atmosphere - even considering the recent London bombings.  For some reason I took all my pictures using a SLR, and just this one with the digital camera, oh well!  This is the view towards the start straight and pits, from Luffield B