Microsoft Azure Stack TP1 - our top tips


UPDATE: I have now moved our UK Azure Stack content to our new team site:  please use this Blog for all our Hybrid Cloud and Azure Stack info.


Recently myself and colleagues have received a lot of interest about Azure Stack TP1 and we are running briefings on a regular basis in the UK MTC in Reading.

During these session on Azure Stack TP1 we've compiled a 'top tips' list and I'm sure we have more to add as we progress with these sessions and TP2 etc...

  • Usernames: Don’t use admin, root, etc… these will not always error until much later - use your own name (but please remember it!).  Hopefully you have a best practise around this already.
  • Passwords: must be complex, again don't use common ones as they wont work (later on)
  • Storage Account: Has to be created in lowercase, you can create it but the templates WON'T work later
  • Account used when logging on when running the installation becomes the Stack Admin account. Any other accounts in the Azure AD Tenant can log on and become a Tenant. Think carefully about the password!
  • Use Boot from VHD (a.k.a native boot) where possible, using the VHD supplied in the MAS download.
  • Disable all non-connected NICs - it wont use them but could cause a problem!
    • In Powershell you can use: Get-NetAdapter | where {$_.Status -eq "Disconnected"} | Disable-NetAdapter
  • Leave time on US time for the POC - its assumed, and we know it works

I'm sure there are many more tips and we'll add to this list.

UK Hybrid Cloud Team