Quest announces support for PowerShell

Thanks to Kurt (at Quest) for this pointer, I had a quick play with this tool yesterday...may be a possible GUI for some bespoke SCVMM scripts :-)

More details below:

Quest has created a graphical user interface for PowerShell, PowerGUI ; built PowerShell commands (Cmdlets) for Active Directory ; and is sponsoring a new independent online community dedicated to PowerShell, . These efforts add value to help users make the most of Microsoft’s next-generation command-line and scripting environment.

· The new interface, PowerGUI, offers IT professionals an easy-to-use view that reduces the learning curve for Windows PowerShell. This intuitive and familiar user interface unleashes the capabilities of PowerShell without requiring IT professionals to learn the new command-line syntax. PowerGUI is available for download at no charge from the new community.

· The community offers a single site where PowerShell users can go to share their knowledge and find and share PowerShell scripts. Membership is free and includes a discussion community, FAQs and the opportunity to download the new PowerGUI interface.

· PowerShell drives Microsoft’s new Exchange 2007 Server, but Microsoft does not yet provide PowerShell commands for Active Directory. Quest has applied its Active Directory expertise and created free PowerShell Commands (Cmdlets) for Active Directory, called The ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory. These commands can be used with or without Quest ActiveRoles Server product. The commands allow anyone using PowerShell to discover their Active Directory or AD LDS environment, manage users and groups, provision new user accounts, and efficiently perform many other tasks. ActiveRoles Server customers gain added benefit from these commands by leveraging the roles, rules, approval workflow, auditing and business/IT process automation inherent in the product.


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