Getting Started with Azure - Backup Vaults & Policies

One of the biggest questions that we have been getting from either customers that are new to Azure or who are considering Azure, is how can I quickly get up and running with Azure. Needless to say, that is a pretty tough question to answer considering the number of different problems that a customer may have as well as the number of different services that we offer within Azure.

What I thought that I would do is to try and make it as easy as possible for our customers and potential customers to get started with our services by providing a video blog series. This blog series will provide a video walkthrough of how to setup a service, as well as PowerShell scripts and an ARM template to automate and parameterize the process.

To kick things off, I figured that I would begin with a service that every customer who is using VMs either On-Prem or in the Public Cloud will need: Backup and Recovery which we provide as a service.

[video width="1620" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Hopefully the video above will be able to get you started with an Azure Backup Vault and its corresponding backup and retention policies that can then be applied to VMs as they are attached to the Vault. In addition to the walkthrough within the Azure Portal that is shown in the video, below you will find a PowerShell script and an ARM template that can be used to deploy the exact same Azure Backup Vault and there by allow you to automate the process. Both of the scripts are parameterized so that you can specify your own information.




I hope that this helpful. In the next post, I will take this to the next step by walking you through how you can connect your VMs or Servers to the newly created Backup Vault and apply a specific Policy to that VM or Server. In the future I will hopefully be providing other Getting Started posts that will provide walk throughs for other commonly used Azure Services.