How to submit a request for MMPC review for SPAM/Virus emails that come through your tenant.

Steps to submit a request for review.

1)      Submit it here: Retain the ID and send it to me so I could look it up internally and confirm whether we detect this virus variant.

2)      Submit the samples AS A PASSWORD-PROTECTED ATTACHMENT (and send the password in the body of your email) to our alias per the spam submission process here: for an additional anti-spam protection from this message (the spam analysts could then mark it as spam).

Protect yourself.

1)      Make sure you have a rule in EOP that blocks executable content.

2)      Keep your Operating Systems and 3rd party software (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java etc.) updated with the latest security updates.


How to prevent this in the future?


Advanced Threat Protection – feature available now

Additional cost?  Yes, unless you purchase an E5 Office365 plan, where it is included.

What does it do?

We recommend adopting ATP as an add-on to EOP. It provides three key benefits:

  1. Protection against unknown malware and viruses by providing robust zero-day protection using the safe attachments capability. These are threats that are not always detected by traditional anti-malware engines.
  2. Real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs that protect your users in real-time against harmful links using the Safe links capability.
  3. Rich reporting and URL trace capabilities that give admins insights into the kind of attacks happening in the organization.

As malware can be found in some phishing mails, this feature is another effective tool in the fight against spam.

Here are links to some key ATP articles. The first includes a video that walks through the ATP features and features a discussion with a product manager.