Error in Failover Cluster Manager after install of KB2750149

On Tuesday, January 8, the below recommended fix was released and available on Windows Update for Windows .NET Framework 4.5.

An update is available for the .NET Framework 4.5 in Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Server 2012

When installing this update to a Windows 2012 Cluster Server, you will receive the below error when you select Roles or Nodes from within Failover Cluster Manager.

A weak event was created and it lives on the wrong object, there is a very high chance this will fail, please review and make changes on your code to prevent this issue
… continued ...

You can still manage your Cluster from a node that does not have this fix or through PowerShell.  The recommendation at this time is to remove and not install this fix.

Microsoft is aware of the issue.  Once the cause has been identified and a resolution available, this blog will be updated to reflect the resolution.

UPDATE – January 23, 2013

This issue has been resolved.  After installing the KB2750149 patch for .NET Framework, please also install the below patch.

Failover Cluster Management snap-in crashes after you install update 2750149 on a Windows Server 2012-based failover cluster