Free Webcasts from Microsoft’s US Central Marketing Organization (USCMO)

The US Central Marketing Organization (USCMO) here at Microsoft is putting on a new and improved webcast and I wanted to put them up for those who wish to view them.  Each webcast will stream live with interactive Q&A and will be made available on demand.  These webcasts run for about 30-60 minutes.  Please feel free to register at any time.

Protect Your Business Against Online Fraud
January 20, 2015
In recent years the online fraud epidemic has become a reality.  Is your business secure?

Social in the Enterprise
January 21, 2015
FOX Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo, the first journalist ever to report live from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange, shares why a good social strategy is crucial. Social networking expert and best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk shares the secrets to social success in the enterprise. Charlene Li, renowned author and leadership and social consultant, provides concrete recommendations for how organizations can build effective networks to become leaders in the digital era. Andy Sernovitz, leader of the word of mouth movement, explains how building internal communities increases productivity and effectiveness. And host Alex Bradley, Microsoft Office, presents new, innovative social solutions. 

Windows Server 2003 Migration: Hardware Modernization
January 22, 2015
With the Pending End of Support in July 2015, organizations must understand their rationale for migration from WS03.  This is not just a support issue but importantly an opportunity to enlist the power and flexibility of modern infrastructures running platforms like Windows Server 2012 and Azure.  Migrating simply sets your infrastructure up to harness you Enterprise Cloud strategy both on and off premise.  You want to make sure that you hardware keeps pace with these dynamic technologies.  This webcast covers some of the most important aspects of upgrading the workloads on modern hardware.

It’s a New Year, Be Ready to Adapt
January 22, 2015
It’s a new year, be ready to adapt. Every New Year brings both the promise and the challenge of a quickly changing business environment. Staying ahead of the curve! Whether it’s your customers’ needs, security risks or compliance that require instant access to the data that will support good decisions.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions with Microsoft BAA
January 23, 2015
Join us for this important webcast on January 23rd at 11:00AM PST to learn about Microsoft’s HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This discussion will help you to better understand how healthcare organizations with a Microsoft BAA can move toward a contemporary plan for using Microsoft’s cloud services. This webcast will show how the Microsoft BAA provides healthcare organizations with the opportunity to use cloud solutions to improve patient outcomes while maintaining compliance with the privacy and security regulations that are outlined in HIPAA.

Announcing the Enterprise Cloud Suite
January 26, 2015
With Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS), Microsoft is now able to offer a comprehensive solution to customers that provides:
• End-to-End Productivity: provide users with tools to collaborate and stay in sync anytime, anywhere
• Data Protection: enable strong authentication, encryption and access controls across devices
• Device Management: manage devices and applications across PCs, smartphones and tablets
• Unified IT environment: leverage existing investments for identity and device management across on-premises software and cloud services
• Pricing: ECS provides the best pricing through built-in suite discounts vs. buying components separately

Get a fresh start in 2015 with new Windows devices
January 28, 2015
Celebrate the New Year and get more productive in 2015 with the latest technology powered by Windows 8.1. Whether you’re looking for laptops, 2-in-1 devices, or tablets, there is definitely a lot to choose from. Join us on January 28th to check out a broad range of Windows 8.1 devices and special offers. In the meantime, visit the Windows for Business ( website to stay up to date!

Need fast AND affordable? Why not try SQL Server?
January 29, 2015
Why did RSI Retail Solutions, Lifetime Products, and Havas Media migrate to SQL Server? SQL Server runs mission critical workloads, provides top-of-the-line security features, and enables customers to leverage existing assets and knowledge base – without costing a fortune. By switching or adding new workloads to SQL Server 2014, you can improve your data platform performance and your bottom line on your terms.  Join Marcello Benati, Microsoft Solution Specialist, to learn how to easily migrate existing and new mission-critical workloads to SQL Server 2014.

Mobile Productivity in the Modern Workplace
February 4, 2015
Mobility is changing our personal and professional lives.  People are bringing their personal devices and apps to work. Employees expect more dynamic work environments to take advantage of mobile capabilities and work from anywhere. Apps, including productivity tools, need to work well on mobile devices and in the business scenarios these devices are used. To get work done from anywhere, mobile devices with basic services, like email, aren’t enough. In this webcast you will learn how Microsoft provides the richest productivity solution across any device, for any type of worker, in a secure, enterprise-grade way.

Windows Server 2003: Most Common Application Migration Concerns
February 5, 2015
Build your migration plan – do it yourself, collaboration with a partner, or use a service.  Find out about your options whether moving your applications to the cloud or keeping in your infrastructure. 

Enabling Customer Insights Using Business Analytics
February 12, 2015
Business analytics is about capturing that information in real-time and empowering people to put it to use, by combining data in new ways, to generate new insights. Hear from Pier 1 on how they use business analytics to drive their business.

Windows Server 2003: Security Risk and Remediation
February 18, 2015
With Windows Server 2003 support ending on July 14, 2015,  many organizations find themselves in the situation where legacy, mission critical workloads and applications are running on a soon to be unsupported platform. Some organizations may be considering alternate security strategies – like ring-fencing their existing Windows Server 2003 servers –as a way to delay migration. This webinar examines the viability of common risk remediation tactics for Windows Server 2003– and makes the case for migration is ultimately the best option.

The Connected Workforce
February 18, 2015
The world has become a giant network, with people connecting in new ways using social and mobile technologies. Has your company adapted to this networked world? By delivering seamless social experiences across familiar work applications on an enterprise-grade platform, Microsoft helps over 400,000 companies worldwide engage, inform and connect employees. During this webcast you will learn how Microsoft can help your company connect, inform, and engage employees using enterprise social technologies.