Hello world! Cluster Guy here...

Well, as the title says, "Hello World"!  I have been over on the AskCore site for the longest time and it is finally time I branch out onto my own.  As you can tell from the other site, most all of my blogs have been about High Availability which would include Failover Clustering, Storage, and Virtualization.

I started at Microsoft back in April of 1992 and did quite a few things in support.  But I found my real passion with Failover Clustering.  In March of 1997, I joined the beta support for Microsoft Cluster Server.  It released several months later with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 and I have been with it ever since.

I deliver High Availability (Cluster/Storage/Hyper-V) Training to both internal groups as well as to external partners.  I have delivered Failover Clustering sessions at multiple TechEd's (2003 in Dallas TX, 2005 in Orlando FL, 2007 in Orlando FL, 2011 in Atlanta GA, and 2014 in Houston TX).  I have also delivered at Microsoft's Internal Conferences on multiple occasions.

I have written articles for Windows IT Pro (8) and TechNet (3) Magazine as well as a regular contributor to the Microsoft "AskCore" (46 blogs) and "NT Debugging" (2 blogs) sites.

I have contributed to the books "Introducing Windows Server 2012", "Optimizing and Troubleshooting Hyper-V Storage", and "Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release".

Because of everything that I have accomplished, people have referred to me and been introduced as "the Cluster Guy"; hence the name of the blog.

In what spare time I do have, I raise and breed quarter horses.

I hope you enjoy my site and get value out of it.  I will be porting over all of these blogs to here.