And now for something (almost) completely different…

I’ve switched roles at Microsoft, so you’re going to see some changes in this blog as well. 

Back in April, while we were wrapping up the early adopter program for Lync Server 2010, Lync 2010 and the platform SDKs, an opportunity to work with the next version of Microsoft Online Services as a platform came up.

I jumped on it.

Why? Well, I’m really passionate about the ways that software can change the way people work (hence my interest in Lync) and how we as developers can build solutions using that software as a platform (hence my interest in the Lync SDKs).

I’m also really excited about how cloud computing changes the way that software is developed and delivered to end users.  The cloud provides scale, flexibility and economics that are hard to replicate any other way.

So, in my new role I’ll be focusing on SharePoint Online – Wave 14 (the next version of SharePoint Online) as a platform.  SharePoint Online – Wave 14 is SharePoint 2010, hosted in the Microsoft cloud and delivered as SaaS.

I’ll provide more details on SPO - Wave 14, where you can learn more about Wave 14 and early adopter programs in the coming weeks.

That being said, I’m still working with the Lync teams as they move towards RTM.  We’re working on publishing the training we built for the Lync early adopter programs to Channel 9 (similar to this SharePoint 2010 learning center) to help you learn the platform and develop solutions quickly. 

Blog title inspired by Monty Python, of course.