Resources for Setting up a SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

When doing SharePoint 2010 Beta development, you have a few options for setting up your development environment, including running a virtualized development environment on Windows Server 2008 R2 in Hyper-V, configuring a Windows 7 developer environment workstation or configuring a Windows 7 VHD for direct boot.

When setting up my own development environment, I found the following resources helpful:

  1. Virtualized Development Environment in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V - In SharePoint 2007, it wasn’t really practical to develop on a client OS, so a lot of developers used Hyper-V to host a virtualized development environment.  With SharePoint 2010, there are some new client workstation development options I’ll mention below, but using Hyper-V to host your development environment is still a great choice, particularly if you’re interested in replicating your production environment with multiple servers.  If you chose this option, here are some resources you’ll be interested in:
  2. Windows 7 as a SharePoint 2010 Development Workstation – New to SharePoint 2010 is the ability to run SharePoint on Windows 7 for development purposes (not for production caveats listed in the documents below).  Developing “on the metal” is easy to set up and doesn’t require anything more than a Windows 7 x64 machine. 
  3. Booting Directly to a Windows 7 VHD – New to Windows 7 was the ability to boot directly to a VHD without a host operating system running Hyper-V, etc.  This is a great option since booting directly to the VHD provides great performance and access to all the local resources on your computer (since it’s not virtualized) while providing all the benefits of virtualization (such as the ability to start over/roll back to prior versions of your VM).  I really like the idea of configuring a base Windows 7 VHD, putting all the pre-release products and tools I need on it and being able to roll back to the base version whenever necessary.  Configuring a VHD for native boot was a new process to me so I found the following documentation helpful:

Hope that helps you find and configure a SharePoint 2010 development environment that meets your needs.