Try the Code Analysis Rule Sets Feature in the November "Rosario" November 2007 CTP

We have a great new feature that we are previewing in Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” November 2007 CTP.  This feature allows you to select pre-defined sets of rules to configure code analysis as well as define your own.  To access this feature right click on a project and choose "Properties" then click on the "Code Analysis" tab.

This feature is in response to the feedback we received that the number of rules is overwhelming and difficult to configure.

For this preview release we have focused on the core concept and made minimal changes to the UI.  In RTM we will have a new UI and a rich edit experience.  This release is all about getting your feedback.  Try out this feature on your code, use the built-in rule sets and let us know what you think.  Tell us what we missed or what rules you think are there and should not be.  Your real-life experience is our best guide for this feature. 

You can create a custom rule set to fine tune the exact rules to use.  If you think we should include your custom rule set in the out of the box sets then we want to hear from you (feedback links below).  Just attach the exported file to your connect bug or mail us.

Some useful links:

  • Release Post from JeffBe and download instructions - here
  • Feedback - bugs and suggestions can be submitted via Make sure when you submit issues through Connect that you indicate the product version as being “Visual Studio Team System Code Name “Rosario” (November 2007 CTP)”. That will ensure it gets to the right folks for consideration.
  • Questions - we’ve created a special forum specifically focused on Rosario: or you can respond to this blog post.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy this new feature.