What kind of custom rules do you want to write?

Our excellent program manager, Joe Rohde, is trying to gather information on the kinds of custom rules customers want to write.

I am a program manager for our Code Analysis system. I want to know what kind of custom rules you would like to write. Ignore what you may or may not know about what's in FxCop already. If you could track anything - tell me what you want!

I don't care if it's things you know we can't do - except maybe 'find my bugs'. Tell your friends, tell anyone who has ever said: I wish this thing could...

The reason I want everything is both to help plan the rules we should just plain provide; and how to best provide an actual supported extensibility feature.

Please send what you would like to see to: JRohde@Microsoft.com



Provide Joe with feedback and help us plan our future extensibility.