UW Seattle Student Appathon

If you're a student at UW, then I've got a cool opportunity to throw your way.

Come to the Microsoft Appathon @ UW, learning to build apps, eat free food, win cool prizes, and get $100 per app on top of it all!

We'll be giving away a Surface and some Xbox hardware, and who know... we may even have a good time too.

Instead of just a single event, we're also going to hold two mini-events to give you an opportunity to get your system set up and ready for developing Windows 8 apps. Below are the event dates and registration links. I'll see you there!

Mini-event - Tuesday, May 7: https://aka.ms/uwmini1

Mini-event - Friday, May 10: https://aka.ms/uwmini2

Main event - Saturday, May 11: https://aka.ms/uwappathon