Windows 8 2-day Camp - Content

Thanks to all of the attendees of our Windows 8 2-day Camp and Hackathon last week!

It was an exhausting but excited couple of days and some attendees left with Samsung Series 7 slates, an XBox console, a bunch of XBox games, and more.

The Windows 8 content from day 1 will be available soon on Channel 9. Until then, I promised that I would upload the content from my session and the content from Bart De Smet’s session on Reactive Extensions.

My Content - Windows 8 Contracts

My session was an introduction to integrating the Windows 8 experience into your app by implementing the Windows 8 contracts. We looked at Search, Share, Settings, the FilePicker, and PlayTo. The code is extremely simple and intended to get you in the door. Let me know if you have any questions… (40.04 kb)

Bart De Smet’s Content – Reactive Extensions

Bart De Smet was a guest presenter on day 2 on the topic of Reactive Extensions. He presented mostly JavaScript examples, but the content below includes all of the .NET examples as well. If you’re not familiar with Reactive Extensions, I think you should get acquainted, and Bart’s slides are very well made and helpful in coming to an understanding.

Reactive (6.53 mb)