Windows 8 Developer Community and Resources

I’d like to provide a somewhat comprehensive resource of resources. If you are looking for help, looking for support, or looking for some camaraderie in your fight to get an app in the store and claim your fame and fortune, then look no further.

My whole job is staying plugged in with you – the developer community. Some work for large organizations as a cog. Others are at start ups and your pretty much the whole machine. Whether you’re a contributor, though, or going it alone, you can’t go it alone. You need good involvement in your local developer community. I have prepared a lot of course material, presentation outlines, and book content, and I learn a lot in the process. So volunteer to present at a local user group even if it’s a bit daunting. If all you do is fight one fire at a time at work using what you already know then you may not stretch or stretch quickly enough. You may not be as agile as you can be.


That’s it for now. Keep plugged in. Keep coding!