All-In-One Code Framework November Highlights

Pilot Sample Video

According to a survey in ASP.NET forum, video is a favorite learning resource of developers. Videos help developers learn faster and understand better code samples. Therefore, we prepared a pilot video to demo the ADO.NET Entity Data Model samples. The video is under internal review, and may be shown in public places soon.

Sample Browser application

We have finished the rudiment of sample browser application. The UI is developed in WPF, and is very cool. The application could help you manage the 280+ All-In-One Code Framework samples.

The project is promoted on Microsoft Support China homepage

38 new samples were built in November, including 6 VS2010 Beta2 ADO.NET Entity Framework samples. The total All-in-One Code Framework sample# reaches 280.

•    VS2010 Entity Framework (new product): 6 samples

•    COM: 7 samples

•    ASP.NET: 5 samples

•    Silverlight: 4 samples

•    WPF: 4 samples

•    Office Development: 3 samples

•    Visual Studio Extensibility: 3 samples

•    Security: 2 samples

•    XML: 2 sample

•    MFC: 1 sample

•    Diagnostics: 1 sample

Published one release on 11-15

(English introduction, Chinese introduction)

The weekly page-views, downloads and visits of the project stay high in November.