All-In-One Code Framework Release 2009-10-18: Brief introduction of new samples


Microsoft All-In-One code Framework October 18th, 2009 update. You can download it from:

If this is the first time you heard about our All-In-One Code Framework project, please refer to the introduction on the homepage:

 CSSL3MediaElement, VBSL3MediaElement

MediaElement is an essential control to create a media player in Silverlight. It supports playing, pausing, stopping audio/video as well as a lot of interesting features. You can simply control MediaElement by its properties, events and methods.

The following points are covered in this sample:

· How to get the total duration of audio/video

· How to create a progress bar for MediaElement

· Volume control

· Play/Pause/Stop audio/video

· Events of MediaElement (MarkerReached, MediaEnded, MediaOpened, MediaFailed, CurrentStateChanged)

· How to handle MediaElement in full-screen mode

CSSL3LocalMessage, VBSL3LocalMessage

These samples realize a simple white board application, which demonstrates how to use local message to transfer objects between two Silverlight applications on one computer.


This example demonstrates how to work with Silverlight 3 OOB (Out of Browser).

It includes the following features:

· Install OOB with code (but you cannot remove OOB with code).

· Check if the application is already installed.

· Check for updates.

· Check for network state

CSWin7Direct2D, VBWin7Direct2D, CppWin7Direct2D

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 come with a lot of cool new features. One of the most exciting new features is a new graphic API powered by DirectX. It allows you to take advantage of graphic cards to render complex scenarios. It includes 3 components:

· Direct2D: API for drawing vector graphics.

· DirectWrite: API for text rendering.

· WIC (Windows Imaging Component): API for bitmaps encoding and decoding. This API has been around since Windows Vista.

This sample provides an overview of the new vector graphic API (Direct2D). It renders a simple scene with a star (or sun) and a planet (or earth). When you click the planet, it will move around the star.

The sample demostrates the following features:

· Draw simple vector graphics (such as ellipse).

· Draw complex paths.

· Create a PowerShell script to translate XAML path data to C#/VB/C++ Direct2D code.

· Create solid color and radial gradient brushes.

· Simple render transform.

· Perform hit test.

· Control z-index.

· Clip path.

CppWin7TaskbarOverlayIcons ,CppWin7TaskbarProgressBar

Windows applications can use the Windows 7 Taskbar Overlay Icons and Progress Bar to show their contextual working status and task progress. 

CppWin7TaskbarOverlayIcons and CppWin7TaskbarProgressBar demonstrate how to use ITaskbarList3 interface related APIs (SetOverlayIcon, SetProgressState, and SetProgressValue) to set the Taskbar Overlay Icons and the progress and state of the Progress Bar. 

CSShellKnownFolders, VBShellKnownFolders, CppShellKnownFolders

These samples demonstrate some operations on KnowFolder in Windows Shell, for example how to get the right “Program Files” path, how to enumerate all KnownFolders, how to add an application customized KnownFolder.


This is a sample for Sell Extension Column Handler. As this feature was removed since Windows Vista, the sample only works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 systems.


This Winforms sample corresponds to a MSDN blog: How to bind a DataGridView column to a second-level property of a data source

It demonstrates how to bind nested properties.

CSXmlGeneral, VBXmlGeneral

CSXmlGeneral, VBXmlGeneral are designed to show how to use classes in System.Xml namespace to do the basic XML document operations. In the samples, you can see how to use XMLTextReader and XMLNodeReader to retrieve information from XML file, as well as how to use XDocument to navigate through the nodes and modify, add new elements and save back to the XML file.


VSPackages are software modules that make up and extend the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) by providing UI elements, services, projects, editors, and designers. VSPackages are the principal architectural unit of Visual Studio, and are the unit of deployment, licensing, and security also. Visual Studio itself is written mostly as a collection of VSPackages. This sample demonstrate how to use the Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard to create a simple VSPackage with a tool window that has a Windows Media control on it.


It demonstrates how to develop the data warehouse adapter of TFS.

VBOutlookRibbonXml, VBOutlookRibbonDesigner

These VB.NET VSTO samples correspond to the published C# samples: CSOutlookRibbonXml, CSOutlookRibbonDesigner. They demonstrate how to customize the outlook user interface by using Ribbon XML and Ribbon Designer.


This sample demonstrates how to implement the impersonation in C++, corresponding to the published CSImpersonationUser and VBImpersonationUser samples.


This is the VB.NET version of .Net CodeDom sample.


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