Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Client Application looks forward to your views


So far, All-In-One Code Framework is doing things like packaging code samples and putting them on for downloading (If this is the first time you heard about our All-In-One Code Framework project, please refer to for more information). To build a more efficient connection between customers and the All-in-One Code Framework Products, we decided to release a Client Application. Besides all code samples included, we are considering the following features. We look forward your feedback.

l Searching for code samples: help users to find what they want from almost 300 code samples by the key words they provided.

l Navigation: cool user interface, list all of the code samples sorted by its corresponding category

l Auto-updating: when there is a new release, an auto-reminding of upgrading will be popped up.

l Customer feedback: users can mark or give feedbacks to any code sample. And all of these will be sent to Product Team immediately.

Your precious advice is quite essential. Thanks!