Visual Studio Extension of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser is Upgraded to Metro UI - You can enjoy 700+ samples from within Visual Studio

The Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is upgraded!  We integrated the Sample Browser v4 released two weeks ago with Visual Studio 2010.  With this extension, you will be able to search and download samples from within your development environment!  We embrace the hope of making your sample search, download and management experience easy and enjoyable.


If you have any feedback and suggestions about the Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension, please don't hesitate to contact


After installing the extension, you can find "Search Code Sample" in the Tools menu of Visual Studio 2010. Clicking it will launch the Sample Browser inside Visual Studio.

In the Visual Studio code editor, you can select the API that you want to search for code samples, right-click it and choose "Search Code Sample" (or press the Alt + F1 shortcut key).  This launches the Sample Browser too.  The Sample Browser automatically searches for samples based on your selected API, and filters samples according to the programming language of your current project.



Q: I only have the Express Edition of Visual Studio 2010.  Can I use the Sample Browser?
A: Visual Studio Express Edition does not support any Visual Studio extensions, so you cannot install this Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension in your Visual Studio Express.  However, you can use our standalone Sample Browser:

Q: Does this extension support Visual Studio 2008?
A: The current release of Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension only supports Visual Studio 2010.  However, we'll start to add its Visual Studio 2008 version if we hear a high user demand.

Q: Why am I receiving a "The remote name could not be resolved" or "The proxy cannot be resolved" error when I search for samples?
A: Please check your network connection.  If you are behind a proxy, please configure the proxy in the Settings page of the Sample Browser.

Q: Why doesn't the Alt+F1 shortcut key work for me?
A: It's because the Alt+F1 shortcut key has been assigned to other functions in your Visual Studio.  Please open Visual Studio Tools / Options.  Turn to the Environment / Keyboard tab.  In the "Press shortcut keys..." textbox, press Alt+F1. Do you see "EditorContextmenus.CodeWindow.SearchCodeSample" in the "shortcut currently used by..." dropdown list?  If no, you have to manually reassign the shortcut key to this command.


Special Thanks

We always thank customers first.  It is your feedback that helped us understand where we can do better than the last version!

The new Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension is again developed by Leco Lin, who also developed the standalone Sample Browser.  Qi Fu tested it.  He kills bugs like a frog.  Yi-feng Li - a VSX expert and Ming Zhu - a WPF expert used their spare time to help Leco with all technical questions.  Lissa Dai worked with Jialiang Ge on the UX design.  Special thanks to Ziwei Chen - the developer of the last version of the extension - for laying a good foundation for this new version.  Special thanks to the Garage – a Microsoft internal community of over twenty-three hundred employees who like building innovative things in their free time.  These people gave us many ideas about the Sample Browser.  Special thanks to Mei Liang and Dan Ruder for their supports and suggestions.  They will next introduce the sample browser visual studio extension to other teams in Microsoft and collect feedback.  Last but not least, I want to particularly thank Steven Wilssens and his MSDN Samples Gallery team.  This team created the amazing MSDN Samples Gallery – the host of all samples.  We have a beautiful partnership, and we together make the idea of Sample Browser Visual Studio extension come true.