CodePlex in the Deep South

For the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I went home to spend time with family, and thought why not speak to as many user groups as possible while I was down there. Little did I know I would be dodging hurricanes and tornadoes the entire trip.

Nonetheless, I spoke about CodePlex at DevLink in Tennessee, and in various states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. I also spoke to a computer science high school class at Rummel high school in New Orleans about open source and CodePlex. When did high school students become so young?

Here are some pictures from the trip.


on the farm in Houston, Mississippi (outside Tupelo)

CodePlex banner among some cows on friend's farm

CodePlex banner next to hay


at the birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo, Mississippi

Elvis at 13 wearing codeplex banner as cape


at Elvis’s childhood home on the swing where he played the guitar

CodePlex banner on porch swing of Elvis's childhood home


at the Waffle House where you can get your hashbrowns smothered, covered, scattered, diced, topped, peppered, capped, chunked…

CodePlex banner in front of Waffle House


at the Cracker Barrel – a popular restaurant chain in the South.

CodePlex banner at Cracker Barrel



at the .NET User Groups for Birmingham, AL

CodePlex at the .NET User Groups for Birmingham, AL


at the Alabama rest stop crossing the Mississippi – Alabama border on I-10.

CodePlex banner at the Alabama the Beautiful rest stop



at Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans

CodePlex banner at Jackson Square CodePlex banner at Jackson square


at the Acadiana .NET User Group (Lafayette, LA)

CodePlex at Acadiana .NET User Group (Lafayette, LA)