CodePlex now supports projects hosting ads from The Lounge (and lots of other great new features too!)

Today we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software.

Use Advertisements from The Lounge

With a single click, CodePlex project owners can now host advertisements on their project pages from The Lounge.

single click option to host ads from The Lounge

Project owner can see advertisements appear on the Home tab, the Downloads tab, the Discussions tab, and the Issue Tracker.

Displaying an ad from The Lounge

You can visit the CodePlex documentation for more information on hosting advertisements from The Lounge.


Insert Code Snippet in Discussions

We’ve heard your feedback. You can now insert a code snippet into a discussion post via the Insert Code Snippet button.

Insert Code Snippet

This will display a window for you to post in your code and to preview with syntax highlighting.

Code Snippet in Discussion Post


Browse / Download Latest in Source Control

In this deployment, we’ve updated the Source Code tab to bring you the browse or download the latest version.

Browse / Download Latest Source Code Version


RSS Feed Updates

Again, we’ve heard your feedback. We’ve tweaked the CodePlex site RSS feed based on your feedback. New Projects and New Releases are listed first with their descriptions, whereas most popular and most downloaded are listed at the bottom.

Since we just deployed today, you’ll have to wait for the next RSS update (anytime after noon PST tomorrow). 


New Wiki Markup Macros

and last but not least, we’ve added a few macros to the collection.

Superscript: ^^I am superscript^^

Subscript: ,,I am subscript,,

Strikethrough ~~I am strikethrough~~

Horizontal rule (4 dashes on single line)


new wiki macros