CodePlex Syntax Highlighting

As Sara already mentioned, we added syntax highlighting to CodePlex on Monday. To be specific, we added syntax highlighting to the source code browser. We intend to add it to the Wiki as well, in the near future.

Currently, we support the follow programming languages and file extensions:

  • C# (.cs)
  • VB.NET (.vb)
  • SQL (.sql)
  • HTML (.html)
  • JavsScript (.js) *
  • ASPX with C# and ASPX with VB.NET (.aspx, .ascx)
  • XML (.xml)

* We also style JavaScript embedded in HTML and ASPX files

We plan to add more languages based on your requests. Please create an issue in the CodePlex Issue Tracker to request syntax highlighting for additional languages, or to report any problems you find with the current languages.