CodePlex Turns 3 years old; Breaks the 10,000 project mark

On Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 2pm, CodePlex surpassed the 10,000 project mark just shortly after our 3 year anniversary. Congrats to SharpFitter, a Visual Studio 2008 C# Add-in that dynamically loads plug-ins, for being our 10,000th project.

We hope to see this incredible rate of growth continue to bring more open source development to the Windows platform.

Check out the Port 25 post for more coverage on what’s been happening on CodePlex.

CodePlex Statistics

Below, you can see the upward trend of new projects each month over the past few years.

CodePlex Breaks 10000 Project Mark

When people ask me why CodePlex has such great traffic growth, I say it is because of the quality of our projects. Happy project owners = Happy users and site visitors. Our overall site traffic stats reflect this upward growth trend as well. In fact, this will be our 7th consecutive month of record breaking traffic.

graph of Visits per Month for past 3 years

graph of Page Views per Month for past 3 years

graph of Total Registered Users for past 3 years

It was recently in the news that the MS-PL is now in the top ten of OSI license usage. Here’s a breakdown of which licenses we’re hosting.

pie chart of license usage

Along with 10,000 projects comes a lot of source code, approximately 160 million lines hosted across 10 Team Foundation Servers.

graph of Source Code Check-ins per Month over past year

Here’s a breakdown of the top 7 file types we’re hosting.

pie chart of types of code we host

Special thanks to all our project owners and our users for making CodePlex a success!