Multiple Project Downloads, Wiki Enhancements and more

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We deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software today.

Multiple Project Downloads

With today’s release, CodePlex users now have the ability to set multiple default releases for their project. The primary usage for this feature is for projects that are jointly developing and distributing pre-stable versions while still maintaining a current stable release. When creating or editing a release, you are allowed to set that release as a recommended release. If you currently have a recommended release, you’ll be prompted to either add to or replace the recommended releases.


When multiple default releases are active, and a user visits the Downloads page, they are shown a listing of the recommended releases. This view will allow them to see high-level information regarding each release and quickly download file’s associated with a particular release. The most recently created project will show first.


Another feature that was added, was the ability to not have any recommended files for a release. This is very helpful for applications that distribute multiple downloads, all of which have no more importance over the other. A primary use for this, is if a project distributes both an x86 and x64 version of their application – neither of which should be the recommended release as it requires a decision by the downloader.

Wiki Enhancements

A long requested feature (currently #3 most requested), deleting wiki pages has been added! We have also simplified creating new wiki pages. When viewing a wiki page, you’ll now see two new sub-menu links.


Clicking on “Create New Page” will take you to a page allowing you to supply a title and wiki markup. After saving, you can link to this page from any other page by using the inter-wiki link syntax [Page Title].

Clicking on “Delete”, will do just that. Any wiki page children of the page you’re deleting will be moved to the deleting page’s parent. All history, comments, and attachments will be permanently destroyed.

Forks on User Profile

Lastly, a new feature that was added is the ability to view a CodePlex user’s forks across all projects easily. When you visit a user profile page, the listing of forks is displayed on the right hand side. Clicking on the fork’s name will bring you to view all of the forks change sets.