Reason Closed in the Issue Tracker

In this release, we added a new “reason closed” feature. Now when you close an issue, you can specify the reason that the issue was closed. This allows you to inform your users and team members why you are closing the issue (duplicate, fixed, etc.).


By default, your options are “Unassigned” and “Fixed,” but for each project, you are able to specify the set of reasons you would like by selecting the 'Add/Remove Reasons' link 


This feature will be rolled out in batches. So not all projects will see it immediately, but we will try to get it to you as quickly as we can.

Additionally, in this release, we made the following notable changes:

  • When you log out, you will remain on the same page.
  • If you hit next issue while in edit mode in the issue tracker, you will no longer be taken out of edit mode.
  • You are now able to delete your own projects from the project details page, but we hope you will reconsider :-) 

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