A New Chapter Begins

Originally I thought of this as my second departure from Microsoft, but when I consider the multiple stints I have spent as a contractor at Microsoft, I realize this is actually my fifth time to leave the company in one capacity or another.


My work in the project management software industry is far from complete. As many of you who have read this blog may recognize, I do the work I do because I love software and the positive impact our work has on people everywhere.

I want to say thank you for the many, many kind emails and phone calls I have received over the past two days.   I may be leaving, but I got your back and I will continue to be a resource for anybody who wants to understand how to build solutions with Microsoft’s EPM stack.  Many of the tools and applications I have been working on will not likely see the light of day in the immediate future, but ideas continue to swarm and I will address those new ideas in a different venue.  Indeed.. for I have a new job that I will talk about later!

My blog has yet to find a new home, but I am sure if you do a search in the near future for Project Server, the PSI, and Microsoft Project, you will find it in short order. 

This blog is hereby retired.