Visual Studio 2010

This week Microsoft is starting to talk about Visual Studio 2010. One of the best resources I've seen has a bunch of videos from various Microsoft folks about some of the new features and what the high-level goals of the next release of Visual Studio are. Take a look at the Channel 9 site

There isn't much about profiling just yet, although some of the other features being developed by the diagnostics team including 'Eliminate No-Repro Bugs' and 'Test Impact Analysis' are covered. For more details about those features, you may also want to keep an eye on John's blog.

We'll also start talking about some of our new profiling features on the main profiler blog. If you're going to PDC, be sure to check out my boss Steve Carroll's (and Ed's) session:

You'll get to see how some of our new profiler features make finding and solving performance problems easier.