Acquisition Recap

Well as we move towards Thanksgiving here in the USA, we're pausing to reflect on a momentous couple of months for Commerce Server. As you now know, on 20th November, Sitecore's acquisition of was announced and it was the public unveiling of many months of "behind the scenes" frenzied activity. One week on, we're delighted with the response to the news, with overwhelming support coming from our customers and partners and from the wider community including analysts.

It's been fun watching all the tweets flashing past and it's sometimes a little difficult to sort out the new information from the reposts, so this blog post is dedicated to providing a recap of the coverage and we'll keep it updated if anything new breaks!

Phew! That's a lot of positive coverage...

So in closing, we'd particularly like to wish all our US based customers, partners and followers, a "Happy Thanksgiving" from the Commerce Server team at Sitecore.