Commerce Server 10.1 Cloud Starter Edition & New Cloud Performance Whitepapers

As part of our continuing goal to lower the barrier to Commerce Server, we are making some additional resources available to help you use Commerce Server in the cloud.

Commerce Server 10.1 Cloud Starter Edition on the AWS Market Place
One key piece of customer feedback we received (particularly from those that had purchased the Microsoft Standard Edition SKU) was that there was a niche of customers who didn't have that much traffic and wanted a lower cost solution than our current licensing.

To make that a reality, we have launched the Cloud Starter Edition as an Amazon Machine Image on the AWS Marketplace. It is priced at $0.685 per hour over and above a base Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition image – or about $6,000 USD per year.

It is restricted to a single server deployment, but still capable of driving quite a bit of traffic. In our testing using the same scenarios as published in our Performance Guide, we found that 6,000-18,000 orders/day over 11 hours is easily achievable on the various instance sizes available.

Furthermore, fault tolerance with the single server configuration can easily be achieved via snapshot and restore. 

To get started, please find the following links:

Additional Resources for Commerce Server on Windows Azure

When Windows Azure Virtual Machine Gallery is opened up to allow 3rd party ISV offerings, we plan to offer the Cloud Starter Edition there as well. In the meantime, Azure is still a great choice for bringing your own license to one of the existing virtual machine images offered by Microsoft. And – to help you make better use of this, we have just published a new Commerce Server 10.1 AWS Performance Testing Whitepaper as well.

Hope this helps!