Commerce Server Partner Network’s Rapid Growth

The Commerce Server partner network rapidly grows past 20, with six new partners added in January alone.

We want to take time to recognize our growing partner network now that 2013 is well under way. As we focus on the rapid evolution of the core product over the next several years, our ability to get the product into the hands of customers worldwide entirely depends on our network of partners and we’re delighted that so many of the former Microsoft Commerce Server partners have joined us and are supporting our efforts.

Our network comprises four distinct tiers, Enterprise, Consultant, Training and Hosting and we now have over 20 partners spread across America and Europe.

Our foundation enterprise partners that we launched the network with were Aviva Solutions, Devwerx, Garaio Labs, MethodFactory, Micros, Mixcommerce, Netcompany, Proximity Technology, Software Smith, Vertica and of course, our parent company SMITH.

In 2013, we extend a warm welcome to new enterprise partners Avensia, C2, eibDIGITAL, Itelios, Sigma and tcpl.

Our consultant tier comprises Microsoft MVPs Brad Foley and Ravi Kanth Koppala together with Alen Malhasoglu and Vishwak Solutions. Mixcommerce and SMITH also offer hosting solutions for Commerce Server and finally training is offered worldwide by both Software Smith and Vertica.

We also have been approached by a significant number of new Microsoft partners who are keen to start integrating Commerce Server with their own solutions are throughout the early part of 2013 we will be developing an on-boarding program for these new partners and we believe we are well on track to have over 50 partners by the end of 2013. This vibrant ecosystem fully endorses our belief in the product and hopefully publicly validates the “relaunch” of the product by ourselves.

We have also launched our partner support program in 2013 where we offer our partners a significant package of support hours to assist with their implementation efforts.

Many of our partners are already hard at work implementing solutions based on the newly released Commerce Server 10 and we will bring you their newly published case studies throughout 2013.

To all our Commerce Server partners, we thank you!