Commerce Server Update

We would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention some branding changes within our organization that are currently in flight – in fact you may already be aware of some of them through other communication channels. We wanted to provide some additional insight as to how it affects Commerce Server moving forward.

Key Takeaways
Ascentium is about to undergo a split into a purely services company (full service digital marketing agency & Systems Integrator) and a purely product company (Commerce Server). As part of that split, the Ascentium & Cactus Commerce brands are being retired and replaced.

The Story So Far
As many of you know, Commerce Server as a product has been around for many years now, in fact the product name itself debuted in 2000. When the product passed from Microsoft to Ascentium almost a year ago now, we choose to try to make it as simple as possible and we called the product Ascentium Commerce Server. 

Now, at the same time, there was a potential source of confusion, which was the relationship between Ascentium and Cactus Commerce, who Ascentium acquired earlier in 2011. Cactus Commerce were the real product developers and it didn’t help that they also ran a very successful services arm, implementing eCommerce solutions centered around the product. Some customers were confused at the status of one company being both the product owner and also a Systems Integrator.

Well the good news is that we’ve had some time now to take stock of the situation, listen to the views of customers and partners and now we’re ready to roll out new brands, new names that we sincerely hope will make it crystal clear who does what.

These are the facts.... 

  • What's Going Away?
    The names Ascentium and Cactus Commerce are both being honorably retired over the next few months.
  • Whats Replacing Them?
    The implementation side of the business, the digital marketing agency & SI is being rebranded to SMITH from today. 

    So what about the product side of the company? Well we are merely moments away from launching the preview of the next version of the product, Commerce Server 10 and at that time we will reveal the new brand for the product company. So for just a couple more weeks, the name Ascentium will live on for the product only.

  • When Is This Happening?
    The SMITH branding was launched today, and the new brand for Commerce Server will be during the week after Thanksgiving alongside our preview release of the new version, Commerce Server 10.We’re really excited about the new brands, the clear differentiation between services and product into two separate companies, each with a new separate brand.
  • Will This Affect Communications?
    Absolutely not. All existing web properties and email accounts will have appropriate redirects to the new websites and domains, so it will all be seamless until the brands are well known. Furthermore and will both have redirects to both new locations.

We will post an invitation to download and try the next version in the evolution and growth of Commerce Server.

As always, your definitive source of all information is, this blog and of course Twitter @commerceserver.