CS2007 SP2 Now Supports SQL Server 2008

Commerce Server 2007 with Service Pack 2 installed is now officially supported running on SQL Server 2008. Unless you are using Data Warehouse and Analytics, there are no special steps or requirements.

If you are using Data Warehouse and Analytics, the following steps MUST be performed prior to attempting to run an unPuP operation and configure the Data Warehouse resource:

  1. Download the redistributable client components for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 Cumulative Update 6 or   later. These can be obtained at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937137. Note: Some of the OLAP components that are part of SQL Server 2005 (but that are not part of SQL Server 2008) must be obtained.
  2. Install the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client (sqlcli.msi). 
  3. Install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Objects Collection (SQLServer2005_XMO.msi).
  4. Install the Microsoft ADOMD.NET (SQLServer2005_ADOMD.msi).

After steps 2-4 are completed, the unPuP and configuration of DW/A feature-set will work without issue. The installation order for steps 2-4 is imperative.

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