Forrester Wave B2B Commerce Suites Q4 2013

Forrester have today published their latest wave, a newly published resource specifically for B2B Commerce Suites. We were delighted to be asked to participate as B2B has traditionally been one of Commerce Server’s strong points and we have a number of sizeable customers running highly complex B2B operations worldwide.

Forrester’s commentary on us is, we believe, an accurate representation on where we were on our journey to relaunch and reinvigorate the Commerce Server product. We are, as they note, making huge strides forward to address what we acknowledge to be shortcomings in the product, such as the business tools which will see a major refresh in the next release.

We believe that we have a very strong roadmap - and we have and will continue to deliver on our promises in that roadmap. We also will be sharing additional news in the months ahead that will, we believe, significantly close the gap between our feature set and those of our competitors, whilst at the same time keeping the product at a competitive price point. We remain committed to evolving Commerce Server into a market leading commerce platform for the Microsoft ecosystem.

We look forward to sharing more news with you shortly, but for now we thank Forrester for our inclusion in this new wave.