Live from Redmond - Commerce Server 2007 Catalog System Development by Vinayak Tadas

Fifth in our Live from Redmond webcast series!

Learn how to develop using the Commerce Server 2007 Catalog System by Vinayak Tadas:

1. Presentation 90 minutes (join via Livemeeting info below)

2. Q&A for public community 15 minutes

3. Q&A for private invites 

You will learn how to work with the catalog system to render product catalogs on the site, as well as managing catalogs:

1. Catalog System Architecture

2. Rendering Product Catalog using Catalog API:

a. Retrieve catalogs, categories, products, properties

b. Query catalogs (different query methods, keyword, specifications, full text)

c. Display the results on the web page

3. Managing Catalog using the Catalog API (Create, Edit, Delete):

a. Catalogs, Virtual Catalogs

b. Categories

c. Products

d. Properties

4. Catalog System Caching


Join us via LiveMeeting (info below)!


Thanks, Caesar.


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