New Commerce Server 10 documents published

As part of our drive towards transparency with partners and customers, we have pleasure in publishing a first version of two new documents which we hope will be of great interest to anyone in the process of evaluating or selling Commerce Server 10.

Technical Overview Whitepaper

In this 34 page document, we discuss the systems that comprise Commerce Server 10, along with architecture diagrams. We hope that this leaves the reader with a good grounding on what Commerce Server is, what it's capable of and what are the various subsystems that it comprises. The document can be downloaded from here.

Performance Testing Whitepaper

In accordance with documentation provided with prior versions, we're also making available a set of performance testing information. This is a subset of information gleaned from the testing team who worked on Commerce Server 10. Whilst it cannot provide a "like to like" comparison with previous versions, for reasons documented with the whitepaper, it does provide insight into why this latest version of Commerce Server has some serious performance improvements over prior versions. The document can be downloaded from here.

We view these, and indeed all of our documentation as "living documents" so we'd welcome your feedback as to whether you find them useful or any suggestions for improvement. Please contact us through