New! Inline Product Property Editor

The Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Inline Product Property Editor is a snap-in for product administration for merchandisers. This Microsoft Silverlight™ control, hosted in a ASP.NET Web Part, enables merchandisers to update product information on their SharePoint-based e-commerce site directly, instantly reflecting changes, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience. The Inline Product Property Editor allows for quick edits to attribute information such as description, title, and price, which are reflected back to the master catalog in Commerce Server 2009. The Inline Product Property Editor is designed to work on any SharePoint site, including the Default site, the contemporary site, or any other customized SharePoint-based site with Commerce Server installed.
Also included is the Inline Product Property Editor Extensibility Kit that consists of the source code for the Silverlight Web Part. Developers can use the source code to customize or extend the capabilities of the Inline Product Property Editor by using Microsoft Silverlight, and the Multi-Channel Commerce Foundation that was introduced in Commerce Server 2009.
Download the Inline Product Property Editor, visit