New Portals are live

We’ve been working behind the scenes to create two new portals for our customers and partners and we’re pleased to announce that as of now, they’re live and ready to use. We have two separate ones, Support and Community, let’s tell you a bit about each.


This portal, at is now our “go to” place for customers and partners needing support. It will hold the following items.

  • Knowledgebase articles, including over a thousand legacy Microsoft articles
  • Software downloads
  • Marketing collateral for partners (requires partner login)
  • Documentation (which will remain replicated on our main website)
  • Support Ticket creation

The support portal requires registration to access the software downloads which you can do from the main screen. The registration process requires authorization from a member of our staff, so to make the process as smooth as possible, please register using an email address from your company domain so we can recognize who you are.

If you have a support contract with us at present, we will contact you directly with specific information about creating support tickets.


This portal, at is our replacement for the existing MSDN forums and is the place for both customers and partners to exchange information and ideas about Commerce Server. CS.NET staff members will, of course, be active on the forums too. We cannot unfortunately migrate the MSDN forum content here, but after a few weeks we will post notices in the MSDN forums to point people here.

To start with we will just have two forums, a general public one that anyone can post in, and a partner specific forum which will require a partner login to access.

Whilst we will make every effort to answer general questions posted in the forums, please understand that they are not a replacement for product support. We hope that in the months ahead, many of our partners will become active within the forums and a healthy exchange of information will start to take place.

Again, registration is required for this portal and unfortunately at this time, we are not able to offer shared registration between the two new portals, so you will need to register twice. We ask again, that if you are a CS.NET partner specifically, that you register with your company domain for identification purposes.

We have partnered with InstantASP to create these two new portals and we ask you to bear with us during the first few weeks as we all get used to them. Expect us to be making some tweaks initially as we fine tune their usage. In particular, we expect an influx of registrations which we will attempt to turn around as quickly as possible.

Please give us feedback on these two new portals, either by email directly or preferably (of course!) in the Community forum itself! We look forward to seeing you there…